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Wealth management on mandate basis

Investing your wealth based upon the goals that you have agreed together with us in the investment strategy. Your personal risk profile – made up of your specific risk capacity and risk tolerance – plays a decisive role in the choice of the appropriate strategy and procedure.

In wealth management, we generally differentiate between four investment strategies:



This investment strategy focuses on defensive securities. It’s defined for investors who wish to keep the risk as low as possible and, accepting lower expected returns for lower expected portfolio volatility.


This investment strategy draws upon a balance between regular income and capital gains. Ideal for investors that wish higher expected returns and willing to accept potentially higher portfolio volatility than the Conservative Strategy.

Growth oriented

This investment strategy is directed to high growth in value over the long-term. Ideal for investors that wish higher expected returns and willing to accept potentially higher portfolio volatility than the Balanced Strategy. This strategy will be proportionally higher weighted in equities than fixed income.
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Special mandates

This investment strategy takes the customer’s specific needs into account. Asset allocation is worked out with the customer. The investment policy can therefore range from conservative to focused on growth. This investment strategy is suitable for investors who have experience in the financial markets and are capable of assessing their own risk.

Investment advice

We actively inform you about the geo-political and economic environment and current developments in the financial markets. Using our close contacts with professional market participants and our activity in selected markets, we can advise you on potential market moving developments in a highly efficient manner, developing actionable investment ideas for you to act on.

For broad and more complex asset situations, we actively seek advice from trusted experts, be it in the area of portfolio structuring, investment monitoring or risk controlling.

Family Office services

We provide our clients with a full spectrum of consolidated investment services, including but not limited to estate planning, inheritance provision, tax question and reallocation. In addition, we continually analyse the risk and safety of all assets from “riskless” bank security accounts to complex derivative accounts all while providing our clients 360-degree full-support.

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